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Model: 77921

The Uncle Mike's Single Cuff Case holds a single pair of standard sized handcuffs. The cuffs are secured in space by a snap when releases when the cuffs are firmly pulled in a straight up manner.

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Model: 89075
Quality, affordable gear. Made of molded foam with a ballistic nylon outer shell, Sentinel Duty Gear delivers durability, functionality and value.
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Model: 7702460

The Uncle Mike's Law Enforcement Triple Magazine Pouch with Single Flap allows access to all three magazines at one time. It features elastic retention that keeps spare mags secure when the first mag is removed. The pouch is Molle compatible and can be mounted or worn on 1 3/4" and 2" duty belts.

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Model: 74961

Double pouch with fold-up design has two pockets for standard latex gloves.

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Uncle Mikes

Uncle Mikes Duty Single Cuff Case with flap has mirage plain finish innovative one-piece design limits bulk, yet adds reinforcement from flap to back wall, low-cut front wall for fast easy gripping and reholstering, dual Slot belt loops on all models with flap allow case to fit dress or duty belts up to 2.25 inches.

$18.45 - $27.95
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The Uncle Mike's MK III Aerosol Chemical Agent Case has a sturdy nylon construction with polymer insert to prevent denting of chemical spray canisters. This has a smooth lining to preserve canister markings. Also, a foam spacer is included in medium and large cases to accommodate canisters with or without oversize nozzles.

$20.95 - $25.95
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Model: 88806
Excellent for agencies with mixed inventories or hard-to-fit designs.
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Uncle Mikes
Model: 88711
Features wrap-around hook and flap to hold keys quietly and securely.
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Single pouch with fold-up design has two pockets for standard latex gloves. Double pouch with fold-up design has two pockets for standard latex gloves.

$14.45 - $15.45
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Model: 74194

Perfected on the front lines with law enforcement personnel, our selection of flashlight cases and holders offers a variety of carry options for professional-grade flashlights. including the Streamlight Scorpion, Strion and Stinger, as well as Pelican and SureFire Models.

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Keeps personal chemical agents within your reach.
$18.45 - $26.95
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Model: 88351
Your handcuffs secure the bad guy. Uncle Mike's compact cuff case with flap secures your handcuffs.
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